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35 years

The owner of TeslaTest Systems has 35 Years of experience in the use of Environmental test chambers for the testing of assemblies

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Binder GmbH Latest Models

23 June 2015

Binder GmbH have released the latest models of their Low Temperature Testing Chambers type MKT 115 & MKT 720 to increase the range of sizes available in this range. These operate over the temperature range of -70°C to +180°C and feature all the usual range of fittings of Binder Chambers including a window in door, a 50mm porthole, and an internal shelf.

They are also fitted with the fully programmable microprocessor controlled PID controller with colour LCD graphical display for displaying the conditions either alphanumerically or graphically. The controller is also fitted with an Ethernet communications port for connection to a PC for programming or data logging of the chambers performance.

These new chambers are supplied in the extra sizes of 115 litres (600 x 400 x 480mm WxDxH) and 720 litres (1200 x 600 x 1020mm WxDxH) to complement the existing chamber size of 240 litres. The chamber can also be fitted with an extensive range of optional accessories to allow the chambers to be customised to meet the customers exact requirements, thereby offering and excellent solution to the user's needs.

Industry Experts

Teslatest Systems are able to offer a complete range of solutions to your Temperature Test Chamber and Climatic Test Chamber requirements.

We are an independent supplier of test chambers, the only one in the UK, and have over 25 years experience in the test chamber industry. Our staff are experienced in the testing methods used in industry and have an unrivalled level of knowledge regarding the test chambers and how they work which is offered to all customers free of charge.

Test Chambers

Test Chambers from Teslatest Systems can either be supplied from our extensive range of standard equipment or can be supplied as bespoke designs to meet your specific requirements in either size, shape or performance.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop supplier for all the equipment and services required by the environmental test industry. Including test chambers, vibration systems, laboratory ovens plus all the associated instruments, control systems and sensors.

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