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35 years

The owner of TeslaTest Systems has 35 Years of experience in the use of Environmental test chambers for the testing of assemblies

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Maintenance And Servicing

We at TeslaTest Systems are able to offer all our customers a full and comprehensive Maintenance & Servicing service for all your test chambers and equipment. We offer a complete service to repair and maintain all your Temperature and Climatic test chambers and equipment to maintain them in their optimum operational status.

Our team of engineers and subcontract companies have well in excess of 25 years of experience in the servicing and maintenance of environmental test chambers and equipment so are therefore able to offer a high standard of work. The engineers are able to work on all aspects of your equipment including refrigeration systems, electrical panels and control systems, with a great deal of experience on all makes and types of equipment.

We are able to offer the following services and solutions to all your difficulties and requirements.

Equipment Service and Maintenance

With our extensive team of experienced engineers and subcontractors we can supply our customers a full and comprehensive repair and maintenance service covering emergency repair of equipment or annual maintenance. This service can be offered on an adhoc basis as required for emergency breakdowns or can be offered on a annual contract basis covering an annual maintenance visit to ensure your equipment is kept in its optimum operational state.

The service is offered on any make, type or style of test chamber and can cover all aspects including Temperature, Humidity, Vacuum, Salt Spray and most other types of test chamber. It is carried out by our highly experienced service engineers who can carry out work on refrigeration systems, electrical systems and control systems as necessary.

Equipment Calibration

TeslaTest Systems provides a complete calibration service for all functions of your test chamber, to ensure that your equipment and your tests are carried out to the specified limits of the test specification. This also helps to ensure that your equipment is operating at its optimum level. The calibration is carried out using instruments that have UKAS traceable calibration and all calibrations with be supplied with a calibration certificate and test results so that you can see your equipments performance. We can also offer a full UKAS traceable calibration if you prefer by using our subcontract calibration company.

The calibration can be carried out as either single control point calibration or multipoint calibration across your chamber working space. Calibration can also be completed on a select operating range of your chamber or over the entire operating capability of the chamber as required. The calibration can be carried out as part of an annual maintenance contract or on a adhoc basis, to suit our customers requirements.

Equipment Refurbishment

We can provide our customers with a comprehensive equipment refurbishment service to upgrade any existing older chambers up to the latest standard including upgrading the performance of the test chamber. The refurbishment can include Controller replacement with the latest model, electrical system refurbishment to ensure reliability, refrigeration plant refurbishment/replacement to ensure reliable operation, Heating system replacement or a complete chamber refurbishment including metalwork and panels.

Refurbishment of your existing equipment can be a very cost effective solution against purchasing new equipment outright and will include refrigeration plant repair and upgrading. It can also include the upgrade and replacement of older style controllers with the latest microprocessor controlled system giving an older chamber a new lease of life for several years. We will also refurbish the electrical panel and system including replacing contactors fuses and trips plus wiring as required.

The refurbish will normally be carried out in our factory where our engineers have all the tools and facilities available as required, but could be carried out at your site if you prefer ao the equipment is too large to move.

Industry Experts

Teslatest Systems are able to offer a complete range of solutions to your Temperature Test Chamber and Climatic Test Chamber requirements.

We are an independent supplier of test chambers, the only one in the UK, and have over 25 years experience in the test chamber industry. Our staff are experienced in the testing methods used in industry and have an unrivalled level of knowledge regarding the test chambers and how they work which is offered to all customers free of charge.

Test Chambers

Test Chambers from Teslatest Systems can either be supplied from our extensive range of standard equipment or can be supplied as bespoke designs to meet your specific requirements in either size, shape or performance.

Our aim is to provide a one-stop supplier for all the equipment and services required by the environmental test industry. Including test chambers, vibration systems, laboratory ovens plus all the associated instruments, control systems and sensors.

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